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We are proud to say that we offer flawless, healthy, long-lasting spray tans. We have been in business since 2009 and have sprayed over 12,000 happy clients.

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Why Choose Spray Tanning?

Sun beds and traditional sun tanning promote unhealthy cell growth, which can lead to various forms of skin cancer, early aging, fine lines and sun spots. Spray tanning is a healthy alternative to achieving the same natural look and feel in a safe and healthy manner. The process of spray tanning includes mixture of DHA, cosmetic bronzers – which serve as a guide for your artist, and all natural ingredients that help your skin stay soft, smooth, and hydrated. Your artist sprays your customized solution on according to your current shade and desired look.


Customized for Each Client

At Spray Tans by Sarah, your shade preference and end result will be discussed in a private consultation between you and your artist prior to your tan session. Your specific tan will be customized for your body based on skin tone and desired shade, with additional contour and highlighting airbrushed to hide any perceived flaws or imperfections. The all-natural ingredients are paraben and fragrance free, and create a soft and supple feel to your skin. In addition, the cosmetic bronzers instantly create a flawless and sexy look when you walk out the door. Many factors can affect the development of your spray tan, which is why it is so important to gain familiarity with our skin prep process and maintenance routine.


Professional and Private

The spray tan process might make some nervous, but at Spray Tans by Sarah, we take pride in our ability to ensure a safe and hygienic spray tan experience. With a professional and private space, we provide our clients with a comfortable atmosphere. Although we do provide complimentary disposable undergarments, feel free to wear your own or go au natural.

What our clients say

Amazing amazing amazing! The best tan I've had, from ease of service by Sarah--to the color being "right" and not streaky! Highly recommend!! I had Sarah spray me for my wedding and a wedding I was recently in, the results were perfect.

LeighAnn G.

Sarah answered all my questions and was very patient with me.  I absolutely loved the color, it was FLAWLESS!

Megan M.

After being diagnosed with Lupus, I could no longer go out in the sun. I tried self-tanners but none of them seemed to achieve the color I desired. After trying Spray Tans by Sarah, I will never go anywhere else.  

Christy H.

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