Pre and Post Care Instructions

Spray Tanning Care

How to Prep your skin for a Spray Tan

  • Best to shower and shave 4-8 hours before your appointment. Clean skin is vital to the development of your tan! No DOVE or similar products
  • Make sure you exfoliate during your shower but pay extra attention to the areas that tend to be drier, i.e., feet, knees, hands and elbows! But Do Not forget to exfoliate your back
  • Do not use oil based products while in the shower and avoid lotions, perfumes and deodorant after your shower
  • Make sure you bring loose fitting clothing to put on after your spray tan. Avoid tennis shoes and boots as flip flops are ideal. During your spray tan session you will have the option to wear a bathing suit, bra and underwear, provided disposable thong or bra, or nothing at all. Your comfortability is key!

*Men must wear underwear or similar

Post Tan Instructions

  • During the development of your tan please avoid sweating, lotion, water splashes, and things of that nature.
    When your spray tan has fully developed(will depend on the time of your appointment), it is best to rinse with lukewarm water.
  • During your shower you will notice the rinse off of the cosmetic bronzer. The bronzer is what gives you the instant tan. Do not be alarmed, your beautiful tan has now developed(Rapid Tans may still need a few hours).

*Avoid perfumes for 24 hours after your tan. Makeup is OK.


  • Dove Soap
  • Mineral Oil or products that contain Mineral Oil
  • Tight clothing

~ Lotion is the key to keeping a beautiful tan that fades naturally. Please use a high quality, paraben and mineral oil free, body lotion 2x daily.

~ Drink lots of water. Believe it or not, Hydrated skin is essential to a beautiful tan. 👙🌞

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